Where can i dispose of waste legally?

Illegal Dumping is the transport and deposit of waste at an unlawful waste facility.

This can include parks, private land, bushland or anywhere that is not licenced to receive waste. Permission from the owner of private land to dump is not a defence.

On the spot fines for Illegal Dumping start at $2000 for individuals and $4000 for companies. Court action for serious offences can result in fines of up to $250,000 for individuals or $1,000,000 for companies.

Section 143(1) Protection of the Environment Operations Act, 1997.

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Waste is not just rubbish and unwanted material but also includes:

  • Construction, building and demolition material such as asphalt, bricks, concrete, plaster board and timber
  • Vegetation or green waste, including mixed mulch
  • Unwanted furniture, whitegoods, televisions, computers, electronics and clothing
  • Asbestos and contaminated soil
  • Unwanted tyres and car parts